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SURGIMESH® XB is partially impregnated with elastomeric silicone to produce an absolute barrier to visceral adhesion without interrupting the strong healing characteristics of the base non-woven microfiber structure.
SURGIMESH XB Cross Section
SURGIMESH XB Cross Section

SURGIMESH® Technology

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Non-Woven Polypropylene
SURGIMESH® products are made from polypropylene, the most preferred biomaterial in hernia repair, in a completely new form - Non-Woven - producing materials that are extremely soft, flexible, strong (1.6 x FDA standard), easy to use and self forming to the surgical site. SURGIMESH Non-Woven Polypropylene SURGIMESH Non-Woven Polypropylene
Microfiber Network
The structure of SURGIMESH® devices, being composed of individual fibers of polypropylene which are 5 to 10 times smaller than other woven and knitted hernia mesh constructions, creates an ideal interconnecting pore structure which has been shown to be completely incorporated by 12 days post-operatively. SURGIMESH Micorfiber Network SURGIMESH Micorfiber Network
Tissue Incorporation
Both SURGIMESH® WN & XB Hernia Meshes demonstrate complete tissue integration within weeks post-operatively that is primarily fibroblastic in nature with supportive vascularization throughout the material to yield a strong but flexible healed repair site long term. SURGIMESH Tissue Incorporation SURGIMESH Tissue Incorporation
Inert Response
Owing to its non-woven structure and microfiber composition SURGIMESH® devices remain flat and unwrinkled in hernia repair sites demonstrating very low levels of shrinkage and pain post-operatively. SURGIMESH Inert Response SURGIMESH Inert Response