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Gunderson Dry Cleaning FAQs

Dry Cleaning InstructionsQ: How does dry cleaning work?
A: Dry cleaning is a water-free process that uses liquid solvents to clean your garments. It includes spot treating, cleaning and finishing steps.

Q: Will dry cleaning help preserve my clothes?
A: Yes, dry cleaning helps maintain garment quality by removing stains and soils that can damage fabrics if left untreated.

Q: What types of fabrics should be dry cleaned?
A: Garments made of acetate, cashmere, leather, linen, rayon, silk, suede and wool should usually be dry cleaned. Check the care label on any acrylic, nylon and polyester pieces as these often require dry cleaning as well.

Q: Are the dry cleaning solvents you use safe?
A: Gunderson Cleaners follows the strictest safety requirements in using solvents to process your garments. We make sure the solvents are applied correctly and fully removed from each piece that is dry cleaned.

Q: What should I do when a garment is stained?
A: Bringing your soiled garments in promptly and describing the location and origin of any spotting helps our dry cleaning specialists ensure successful stain removal.

Q: How does spot cleaning work?
A: When a garment is spot cleaned, only the area with staining or spotting is cleaned and the work is done by hand. This process is recommended for garments too delicate to withstand full dry cleaning methods.

Clothing Care InstructionsQ: Can I hand wash pieces that say "dry clean only" on the label?
A: In most cases, it's best to follow the care instructions listed on a garment's label. If an item says "dry clean only," hand or machine washing with water may damage the fabric or cause problems with colors fading or pieces losing their shape.

Q: If I have matching garments, should they be dry cleaned together?
A: Although fading is rare or minimal, it's a good idea to have your matching pieces dry cleaned at the same time to reduce any color variation.

Q: What is your process for wedding gown preservation?
A: In cleaning and preserving your wedding gown, Gunderson Cleaners will first inspect for any stains and spotting, then follow a careful stain removal and cleaning process specially designed for delicate fabrics. Our dry cleaning specialists will also press and fold your wedding gown with special care and box it for safekeeping.

Q: Does your free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service require a minimum order?
A: No, there is no minimum number of garments or order amount required in using Gunderson's
free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service.

Q: What are the location boundaries for your dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service?
A: Gunderson Cleaners has several store locations ranging from Greenville to Oshkosh, and we provide free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service throughout the entire Fox Cities area. Wondering if your home or business is within our service range? Just stop in or call 920-730-2200 to find out.

Q: How should I store my garments after they've been dry cleaned?
A: Pieces will be returned to you in plastic bags for safe handling, but should be removed and uncovered when storing.

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